221 MB | JSXBIN & EXE & AEP format

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After Effects Plugins Collection

36 AEPLUGINS and AESCRIPTS product aftereffect plugins for Windows and Mac 221 MB | JSXBIN & EXE & AEP format


In this collection, you will see 36 After Effects plugins of AEPLUGINS and AESCRIPTS products for Windows and Mac, containing plugins and scripts ready for 3D, VFX and motion. Which is available for download in JSXBIN, EXE and AEP formats.

Rowbyte Plexus is a next-gen particle engine for After Effects that lets you create, manipulate and visualize data in a procedural manner. Not only you can render the particles, but also create all sorts of interesting relationships between them based on various parameters.


After Effects2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6



Contents of this collection:

3D_Flip_Board_V1.0 1.
2. Layergroups_V2.20
3. Aempeg_1.2.5
4. Circuitfx_V1.3
5. Cloners_Plus_Effectors_V1.1.1
6. E3D_Mografter_Fx_V1.1
7. Flow_V1.1.3
8. Font Previewer v1.0
9. Geolayers2 1_1_2
10. Place the Gridguide_V1_0_0
11 . iexpressions_2_01
12. isomatic_fx_v1.0
13. joysticks_n_sliders_v1.5
14. Keyboard_1.0
15. labels_v2.0
16. LongShadow_v1.13
17. marker_conductor_v3.0.0
18. monkeybars_v1.04
19. Ray Dynamic Texture_v1.1
20. Rubber Hose 2
21 rubberize_it_v1.02
22. Shapemonkey_v1.01
23. SpringyFX_v1.01
24. Tool Launcher 1.3.0
25. Transformer 1
26. Utility_Box_V1.6
27. Wind_v1.00
28. autocircularmotion_v1.0
29. Dornisoft.AfterCodecs.v1.1.3.CE
30. property_effector_v1.0.2
31. pseudoeffectmaker-v1.03
32. smartselector_v1.0
33. BG Renderer Pro 2.12
34 Newton 2
35. SuperLuminal StarDust v0.9.7 CE
36. Super Lines 1.0


Contents Detail:

3D Flip Board

Create an ANIMATED 3D FLIP FLAP BOARD with One Click!


Render with FFmpeg directly from After Effects. Get many more codecs than After Effects offers you, for example ProRes on Windows!


circuitFX is a tool for After Effects designed to create graphical circuit boards. The circuit pattern is generated randomly with every button press. Apart from the circuit lines and circles, circuitFX also creates, chips, resistors, and capacitors. It has the ability to put all of the needed parts in a single shape layer or create separate shape layers for each part of the board. Its ideal for technology or sci-fi related projects, animated backgrounds, HUDs, etc.

Cloners + Effectors

Cloners + Effectors is a procedural animation system for After Effects. Especially useful when animating multiple layers at the same time. It allows you to animate using effectors instead of key framing every layer.

E3D Mografter FX

E3D Mografter FX is a toolset that allows you to control your Element 3D plugin like a C4D Mograph module. Say ‘Hello’ to the famous Cloner, Fracture and MoText, right inside After Effects !


Flow brings an easy interface to After Effects for customizing animation curves without needing to touch the graph editor.

Font Previewer

Manage,preview and apply fonts in After Effects. Windows & Mac OS X versions


Design and animate maps directly in After Effects. Rebuilt from the ground up with tons of new features and faster and more powerful than ever!


Automatic layouts, snappable guide grids and modifiable shape layer guides – because motion design isn’t static.


Create complex expression-driven templates, character rigs, shape animations and more without writing any code!

Isomatic FX

Finally, isometric graphics made easy within After Effects ! Two useful modes (faked 2D or true 3D) to choose from… and tons of possibilities!

Joysticks ‘n Sliders

Pose-based rigging system for After Effects with limitless applications.


Control keyframes with your keyboard.


Full control over Label Colors – set label colors and select label groups with a single button click. Works both for composition and project panel items.


Long Shadow finally makes cool long shadow effect in a snap. Control every shadow aspect and make outstanding images.

Marker Conductor

Marker conductor automatically places markers at specified intervals of time or bpm.


The quickest, easiest way to create animated text bars for lower 1/3s, social media and info graphics. This Monkey is a workhorse.

Ray Dynamic Texture

Ray Dynamic Texture is your solution to tedious texture work.

Rubberize It!

Turn any layer to Plastic, Rubber or Goop in seconds. Reacts naturally to motion without keyframes. Based on the kind of physics they taught in school!


Generate an endless variety of procedural shape layer animations in seconds. Works with text & vectors too!

Springy FX

A cool toolset that allows you to easily create some fun secondary motion, based on your keyframed transform properties ! Whether you want a stylish cartoon look or to add some subtle overlapping actions on your animations, you’ll certainly find the tool you need among the 9 tools available in the set !

Tool Launcher

Run scripts, menu commands and apply expressions, from a searchable list or custom toolbars. Open script interfaces from anywhere in pre-docked panels.


Powerful footage transformation and animation tool for After Effects


Harness the power of wind in After Effects. Works with any type of layer – text, vectors, video & shape layers in native AE 3D space. Handles hundreds of layers with no set up, just click and apply.


Easily create circular motions

Property Effector

Property Effector brings Mograph style animation to AE, without the need for writing expressions.

Pseudo Effect Maker

The simplest way to create custom effect controls

Smart Selector

Point, click, and select any layer you can see. Smart Selector sees through bounding boxes, adjustment layers, precomps and layer transparency to find the select layers using the most advanced layer selection algorithm. Welcome to the new way of working in After Effects.

BG Renderer

The power to render compositions in the background at maximum speed! Say goodbye to slow Media Encoder.


Multiprocessing, rendering to both sequence and mp4/ProRes, remote monitoring, lots of integrations, notifications – all in one super tool.


The 2D physics engine for Adobe After Effects. Newton 3 has tons of new features!


Introducing Volume Rendering! Create beautiful and captivating smoke effects from any particle system setup. Stardust is a modular 3D particle system for After Effects. It has an easy to use node-based user interface and ships with a ton of presets to create stunning effects quickly and easily.

Super Lines

Super lines lets you create and experiment with different lines animations with ease.







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System Requirement For  AE


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