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Cebas Thinking Particles

Particle destruction simulation plugin in 3D Max

Thinking Particles is one of Cebas’ most powerful plugins for simulating and displaying special effects related to explosive and destructive particles or fragmenting models in 3D Max, which is widely used in filmmaking. And special effects simulation is used in the cinema industry. Unique projects and videos are made due to the high capabilities of this plugin. Interaction with FumeFX, direct particle rendering, combining several different physical forces in calculations simultaneously, complete control over fire, smoke and their particles, especially in FumeFX software and simulation of liquids and fluids, etc. are the capabilities of this powerful product. Be.

Key features of ThinkingParticles:
– Simulation of special effects related to explosion and particle destruction
– Widely used in large filmmaking projects
– High compatibility in rendering with other applications
– Interaction with FumeFX
– and …

required system

Cebas Thinking Particles

thinkingParticles 7.0 – Material Point Method

thinkingParticles Release 7.0 brings to you many bug fixes, workflow enhancements and new features, features like a brand new state of the art MPM Solver. MPM is short for Material Point Method, it is a grid based system that accelerates the physically accurate simulation of real world material properties. Materials one could simulate with MPM can range from hydro fluids, rubber to rock solid metals.
In contrast to spring based or breakable joint type particle hacks, thinkingParticles own MPM solver opens up a whole new world of visual FX for 3ds Max! A real world physics based simulation of a material simply can’t be replaced by brute hacks or simplified dumbed down hacks. Real world material properties and behaviors allow to create the most amazing simulations, never seen before in 3ds Max.
With the addition of OpenVDB PointDataGrid support, and highly efficient GPU accelerated NanoVDB rendering through finalRender at no extra cost, the 3ds Max VFX Powerhouse just became elevated to new heights.


  • 3ds Max 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020 (earlier versions till 2016
  • ok to use
  • support nil)

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System Requirement For adobe after effects

Installation Guide Install the software

using the instructions in the Read Me.txt file.

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