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Conny Wallstroms Retouching Toolkit

Professional Retouching Toolkit for Photoshop Conny Wallstrom’s Retouching Toolkit V2.0.1 contains a collection of Photoshop action, priests and scripts for the best type of photography retouching and professionals. Of course, beginners can also easily use the various tools in this collection for professional retouching.

Conny Wallstroms Retouching Toolkit

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photoshop plugins (or plug-ins) are add-on programs aimed at providing additional image effects or performing tasks that are impossible or hard to fulfill using Adobe Photoshop alone.

How to Install Photoshop Plugins

  1. Open Photoshop.
  2. Select Edit from the dropdown menu, and select Preferences > Plugins.
  3. Check the “Additional Plugins Folder” box to accept new files.
  4. Download a plugin or filter to your desktop.
  5. Open your Program Files folder and select your Photoshop folder.


    For More Plugins Photoshop 😀 😀


                  System Requirement For  Photoshop CC


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