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Crosshair 1.0 Script For After Effect

Crosshair 1.0 script for After Effects

This section includes Crosshair script version 1.0 for Aftereffect software, which is available for download on the site. With the help of this script, you can create lines from different axes for your objects so that you can arrange the movements with other objects.

Crosshair 1.0 Script For After Effect

Select a layer or layers and click on Crosshair and it will create vertical and horizontal guides at the center of the selected layers. Combined with Snap to Guides this makes for a very speedy rigging process when moving layer Anchor Points or positioning DUIK bones and Rubberhose or Limber start and end controllers.

This script will only work with the April 2019 release (16.1) version of After Effects due to Guides being a new feature in scripting for After Effects.

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