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Cymatics Sound Effects Bundle

A set of sound effects ready for use in various music styles 588 MB | WAV format


The Cymatics ready-made audio package includes a set of sounds pre-designed for VST Serum. This product includes a set of pre-designed sounds for different styles of music.

Cymatics Sound Effects Bundle



Mythic Vocal Chop Collection

There’s no question that vocal chops have always been one of the most useful tools when it comes to bringing life to your EDM tracks. That’s why we put together this insane collection of vocal samples, perfectly crafted for any sub-genre of EDM!
There has always been the issue of sample clearance when it comes to sampling vocals, but with Mythic you don’t have to worry about that because all of our vocal chops are originally recorded in-house by our team.
Every sample is perfectly tuned and labeled for optimal creative control, so you’ll never struggle with stretching or pitching vocals for your tracks!
Vocal Chop 1 – 100 BPM A# Maj
Vocal Chop 2 – 128 BPM F Min
Vocal Chop 3 – 130 BPM D Min
Vocal Chop 4 – 140 BPM G
Blade Dubstep Synths

Dubstep has always been known for it’s huge synth sounds.
Inspired by massive artists such as Excision, Zomboy, and Subtronics cutting edge sounding tracks, our production team created this essential synth pack to add to your arsenal of sounds.
These are some of our heaviest sounding synths to date, guaranteed to leave you with the stank face you look for when creating big sounding dubstep tracks!
Blade Dubstep Synth 1 – E
Blade Dubstep Synth 2 – E
Blade Dubstep Synth 3 – E
Blade Dubstep Synth 4 – E
Heaven Future Bass Melodies

Throughout the years of EDM progression, future bass has definitely become one of the biggest sub-genres in the mix. Our team spent a lot of time studying what exactly makes major artists like Flume or Odesza so successful in the scene, and it all starts with the wavy futuristic sounding melodies!
We wanted to give you all of the perfect melodic tools to build your tracks just like the top producers, with no shortage of options when it comes to texture and vibe for each melody you pick through.
Heaven supplies you with all of the cutting edge supersaws, sines, and more that you’ll need to create your next big festival ready track!
Drop Loop 1 – 150 BPM A Min
Drop Loop 2 – 150 BPM E Min
Drop Loop 3 – 150 BPM E Min
Drop Loop 4 – 175 BPM D Min
Horizon House Collection

For Horizon, our team was inspired by some of the biggest DJ’s in the game such as Hardwell and Chainsmokers, to put together the ultimate house pack, perfect for any skill level of producer! And with tons of different sound design options, Horizon will leave you with endless creative possibilities for building your next smash hit song.
This is by far our most refined and diverse sample pack we’ve ever created for house, and whether you make deep house, future house, etc…
Horizon is guaranteed to take your DJ game to the next level with it’s expertly designed sounds!
Breakdown Loop – 128 BPM G# Min
Drop Loop – 128 BPM C# Min
Full Drum Loop – 128 BPM
White Noise FX – 128 BPM



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