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DigitalXModels 3D Model Collection vol 3

Digital models of road equipment DigitalXModels 3D Model Collection Volume 3: STREET A collection of 29 ready-made three-dimensional models of road equipment such as public telephones, various warning signs such as busy workers, traffic signs, CCTV cameras, trash cans, Taxi station ..

DigitalXModels 3D Model Collection vol 3

DigitalXModels 3D Model Collection Volume 3 STREET

3ds | obj | fbx | 3D Models | 80 MB

A man sits waiting at a bus stop reading a copy of USA Today he just grabbed from the paper dispenser. As he learns about the latest in golf club technology, a black van plows over a parking meter and smashes into the fire hydrant less than ten feet away. In a stunned haze, the man stands up, shielding his face from the spray of the the mangled hydrant and rushes over to a nearby pay phone to call 911. The driver of the van staggers out the side door with a canvas bag clutched in his fist, stumbles across the street and angrily flings the bag into a green metal dumpster. Slowly, the man turns, and eyes the woman behind the wheel of a silver BMW paused in traffic. He approaches her cautiously, but without hesitation she….

Sorry… hey, these product descriptions can only be so long! Face it. Life on the streets is tough. And thankfully, so are these 3D models. Built of solid 64 bit pure polygon magic, this collection contains 29 models that will beef up the credibility of your 3D environment, and tell your story like it’s on the big screen.

Important notes: In 3ds Max, the text on the marquee signs can be easily changed via a custom modifier.



The design of a 3D file is key to succeed with 3D printing because your model has to be 3D printable. You may be using the best 3D modeling software like Autodesk 3DS Max,Maya or cinema 4D …

A 3D file is an electronic file representing a three-dimensional object.

It is designed by Professionals in 3D modelling, so the desired object can be printed.

Enjoy Downloading The Best 3 Models Collections, Materials , and adds-on ever created

Models are very popular,

Extremely useful for outdoor scenes, Projects,Marketing etc .. ready-made open  models can be easily dropped into any scene or project .

3D models are used to portray real-world and conceptual visuals for art, entertainment, simulation and drafting and are integral to many different industries (marketing, TV and motion pictures, scientific and medical, sports, music, cartoons, animals , Humain Technologies, architects…)


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