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Drawing the Male Portrait

The Drawing the Male Portrait Construction and Abstraction Methods training video by The Gnomon Workshop contains 7 chapters with different topics and a focus on drawing and painting a male face. In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a man’s face from the beginning to the end.

seasons :

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic tools
  3. Face methods and capabilities
  4. Front view angle
  5. Viewing angle 3/4
  6. profile
  7. Exercise 1
  8. Exercise 2



In this title, Ron focuses on creating a male portrait from the front, three-quarter and profile views while covering the fundamental tools of drawing with traditional media. He discusses and demonstrates the features of the head through shape analysis, a breakdown of the Abstraction and Construction Methods, and how and why he uses them. Insight into shading and how to control the tones and lines drawn are also covered. In addition, a few bonus drawings titled “Warm Ups” break away from a step process and develop similar results in a more freeform way. All artists types, from fine art to commercial, will benefit from this demonstration.


Duration: 174 minutes

Format: HD 1280×720


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