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Fashionable Print Ready T-Shirt Designs

A collection of 100 ready-to-print designs on Fashionable Print Ready T-Shirt Designs in vector EPS, AI and CDR formats, as well as open-layer PSD format, can be downloaded now from Graphiran.

Specifications :

  • 100 designs for printing on T-shirts
  • Designs for children, girls, women, men
  • Fully vector designs with the ability to resize without loss of quality
  • EPS, AI, CDR and PSD formats
  • Can be used in Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw software
  • Comes with preview images
  • File size: 248 MB

Fashionable Print Ready T-Shirt Designs

They’re fully scalable and 100% editable, with a controlled number of colors. Yes, even the Photoshop versions.

Plus, their number of colors is kept at a minimum, so you can easily print them on your t-shirts, hoodies or other types of garments. And the best part is that they all come with an extended license, meaning you can print and sell them right away, without any additional fees!

Take a look at these Fashionable T-shirt Designs:

Fashionable T-shirt Designs

 Fashionable T-shirt Designs     

Take a look at what you get:





t_shirt_m_10 t_shirt_m_11



t_shirt_m_13 t_shirt_m_14 t_shirt_m_15 t_shirt_m_16     t_shirt_m_21 t_shirt_m_22 t_shirt_m_23 t_shirt_m_24 t_shirt_m_25   t_shirt_m_44 t_shirt_m_45 t_shirt_m_46 t_shirt_m_47  t_shirt_m_49 t_shirt_m_50 t_shirt_m_51 t_shirt_m_52 t_shirt_m_53 t_shirt_m_54 t_shirt_m_55 t_shirt_m_56 t_shirt_m_57 t_shirt_m_58 t_shirt_m_59  t_shirt_m_61 t_shirt_m_62 t_shirt_m_63 t_shirt_m_64 t_shirt_m_65 t_shirt_m_66 t_shirt_m_67

t_shirt_m_100 t_shirt_m_70 t_shirt_m_71 t_shirt_m_72 t_shirt_m_73  t_shirt_m_83 t_shirt_m_84 t_shirt_m_85 t_shirt_m_86 t_shirt_m_87 t_shirt_m_88 t_shirt_m_89 t_shirt_m_90 t_shirt_m_91 t_shirt_m_92 t_shirt_m_93 t_shirt_m_94 t_shirt_m_95 t_shirt_m_96 t_shirt_m_97 t_shirt_m_98 t_shirt_m_99

This deal comes with an extended commercial license so that you can use this bundle for unlimited personal and commercial projects! This means you can use the designs as many times as you want, for as long as you want. They are yours. Forever.




Vectors are fully scalable graphics for the best quality around. Need a huge print of your favorite design? Go ahead, scale it up to any size! You can print your designs as large or as small as you want without any loss of quality.

Because of their full scalability, vectors are essential branding resources. Know what a designer’s worst nightmare is? A JPEG logo…or even worse, a GIF! Creating all your brand materials in a vector-based program ensures a gold standard of quality design. And you definitely want that! Why? Because if your logo is a vector image, you’ll be able to print it as small as you like, i.e. to fit on a pen, or as big as you like, i.e. to cover a 10-square-meter billboard. No matter how big or small, it will look flawless-no pixelated images anywhere!

Vectorart is great for both print and online work.

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Illustrator System Requirement

Illustrator Userguide


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