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PhoenixFD 3.04.00 V-Ray 3.0 3ds-Max

Phenix FD 3.04 For 3ds Max 2013 – 2018 is a comprehensive 3D Max plugin for building dynamics and moving liquids and elements such as fire, smoke, fluids, sea waves, spraying liquids, sprays, fog and more.

Possibilities :

  • File size: 267 MB
    • Making liquids, liquid sprays and foams: Using Phoenix FD, you can create the best and most realistic simulations of liquids and foams in 3D Max.
    •  Build smoke, fire and explosion using a professional and realistic dynamic engine
    • GPU-powered interactive simulations
    • Edit existing simulations and add details and increase resolution without changing the shape and behavior of the simulation
    • Change the timing of the simulation to make slow or fast motion
    • Build a series of simulations periodically
    • Sophisticated and super-realistic simulation of effects and complete control over them with very high detail
    • Build bubble particles, dripping, haze and…
    • Import and Export Mesh Objects and Particles to Alembic, Krakatoa, Stoke MX, XMesh and V-Ray Proxy Files
    • High quality sea and beach wave simulation
    • Realistic fluid rendering and volume effects

PhoenixFD 3.04.00 V-Ray 3.0 3ds-Max

  • thinkingParticles integration* — Phoenix operators for thinkingParticles are now available, and you can emit fluid via Phoenix sources from thinkingParticles geometries
  • New Voxel and Particle Tuners — Change each voxel and particle’s properties during simulation, and create or delete particles depending on highly customizable conditions
  • Active Bodies — Basic rigid body simulation with Phoenix liquids, allowing objects to float over liquid or get washed away by floods
  • Tex UVW — Transport texture coordinates along fluids during simulation and use them for advanced render-time effects

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