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Sound FX Amazing Sound Effects Of Cartoons

Collection of cartoon sound effects 40.8 MB | WAV format


The cartoon sound effects collection includes 46 high quality functional sound effects for use in animation projects. The sounds are mastered for professional use in 24bit quality, you just need to drag each one and put it in your audio or video editor timeline. Using the various and complete sound effects of this collection, you can voice your video effect and increase the production value. Each audio file is available in WAV format.


List of sound effects in this collection:

01 Crazy Cartoon Combo Sequence of Trips, Flips, Falls and Explosions 0:35
02 Whacky Cartoon Collection Combo of Whistles, Bells, Hits and Zips 0:42
03 Zany Cartoon Jumble Feature of Twangs, Skids, Crashes and Smashes 0:39
04 Zippy Cartoon Sound FX Character Take Off 0:06
05 Comedy Zoom in, Skid and Crash 0:08
06 Comedy Zoom in, Skid, Trip and Fall 0:06
07 Cartoon Zoom by and Squish 0:06
08 Cartoon Sound Effect Shoot Arrow and Pop Balloon 0:07
09 Cartoon Stretch, Boing and Bell 0:09
10 Cartoon Slip and Crash 0:07
11 Comedy Head Hit and Warble Down Collapse 0:07
12 Cartoon Big Smack and Fall 0:06
13 Cartoon Big Swish and a Little Ding 0:07
14 Cartoon Sounds Tiny Pebble Throw and Big Wooden House Collapses 0:13
15 Comedy Saw Through Wood Floor, Fall and Crash 0:09
16 Cartoon Stretchy Twang and a Little Ding 0:08
17 Falling Musical Horn and and Cartoon Boing 0:07
18 Cartoon Squeaky Walking Bassoon Accent 0:06
19 Cartoon Squawky Talking Bassoon Accent 0:06
20 Cartoon Yelping Bassoon 0:06
21 Cartoon Suspense Bassoon Trills 0:11
22 Cartoon Bassoon Step up Accent 0:06
23 Cartoon Bassoon Questioning Accent 0:06
24 Comedy Sound FX Whistle Fall and Bucket Drop 0:10
25 Comedy Pots and Pans Juggle and Fall 0:18
26 Falling Musical Cartoon Accent 0:06
27 Cartoon Character Head Shake 0:06
28 Character Character Head Warble 0:06
29 Cartoon Character Silly Head Shake 0:06
30 Cartoon Character Running Steps 0:13
31 Cartoon Warble Sheet Accent 0:06
32 Cartoon Warble Saw Blade 0:14
33 Slide Down and Bong Cartoon Sounds 0: 06
34 Cartoon Honk and Slide 0:06
35 Cartoon Drum Roll, Trip and Cuckoo 0:09
36 Cartoon Slip, Stumble and Fall 0:06
37 Cartoon Big Comedy Crash 0:09
38 Cartoon Pogo Stick Bounce 0:06
39 Short Squeaky Cartoon Kiss 0:06
40 Cartoon Sound Effects Short and Sloppy Raspberry 0:06
41 Cartoon Slow Buzz Raspberry 0:06
42 Cartoon Quick Buzz Raspberry 0:06
43 Cartoon Knife Throw and Thud Impact 0:06
44 Cartoon Screeching Stutter Skid 0:06
45 Cartoon Lip Flapping Warble Accent 0:06
46 Cartoon Lip Flapping Warble Conversation Accent

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