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Thinkbox Krakatoa MX v2.8.5 for 3ds Max

Professional effects plugin in 3D Max


Krakatoa MX is the name of a powerful plugin for software in 3ds Max that you can use to create professional effects. With the help of this software, you can create fire, smoke and explosions completely similar to reality and professionalism, and create completely professional effects based on particles in the environment of 3ds Max software. Of all the plugins available for developing and rendering particle systems on the market, Krakatoa is the most completely different. Krakatoa is an engine for rendering and processing particle data, which here refers to the same particles. Users unfamiliar with this powerful plugin will surely ask if there are powerful rendering engines that simply render particle systems, so what is the use of Krakatoa?
In response, we must say that Krakatoa is a powerful tool for generating and working with large particle data. This product is supposed to help you when you need a lot of particles. In fact, Krakatoa is the center of Particle data. You can easily simulate your particle system in any software or program, then transfer it to one of three 3ds max, Maya or cinema 4D software and add millions of particles to the simulation done by Krakatoa. Modify and apply multiple editors to it, and finally render. Hence Krakatoa is a different tool. Because it will be a bridge between all software and particle plugins.

Krakatoa has two central nuclei. One is the processing kernel and the other is the rendering kernel. The processing kernel will actually do the calculations you need. Increase particle volume, edits, change movement time, coating, etc. The rendering core is also responsible for determining how the particles are rendered. For example, you can render particles as dots, stripes, lines, or Voxel volumes.
Krakatoa needs an input to work. This input can be provided from anywhere. One of the most important and powerful tools for simulating particle systems and liquids is RealFlow software. This software is known to everyone and they are aware of its capabilities. Suppose you decide to implement a specific simulation in this software. After performing operations with a certain number of particles, you intend to increase the processing volume in order to finalize the work. For example, you simulate a tornado, but due to time and hardware constraints, you can not include more than 1 million particles in realflow simulation. This is where Krakatoa comes in as an unrivaled plugin. After the simulation, you transfer your scene to one of the mentioned software, as a result of which this information will form the input of Krakatoa.

Krakatoa currently has extensions. For example, Krakatoa MX is the plugin of this program for 3ds max and Krakatoa MY version of Maya and Krakatoa C4D, which is specifically for Cinema 4D software, and finally Krakatoa SR, which means Stand-alone, and runs independently without the need for special software. Becomes. The Maya, Cinema 4d, and SR versions run on both Apple OSX and Windows, and the 3ds Max version only runs on Windows.
This product uses all the CPU power so you will not need a special graphics card to run it. One of the best features of Krakatoa is that it uses all the CPU power. Many graphic programs3D and emulators can not take full advantage of CPU power. You must have noticed many times that during heavy processing and simulations, only a few of all cores are processed and the rest are idle. But Krakatoa makes good use of all processor cores.
The main purpose of Krakatoa is to increase the volume of particles. You can easily process millions and billions of particles while Krakatoa has very precise and complete management of memory consumed during work and rendering. Most of the images you see of large volumes of Particle systems have been processed by Krakatoa. This product is really expert in its work and is one of the best options for making huge scenes of smoke, fire, dust, suspended particles and even solid subjects. Krakatoa has a node-based environment called Magma to execute commands and changes.
Krakatoa is one of the masters of Particle Caching. All you have to do is repeat the process several times to see how well the software works. In the latest version of this product, you can also use the particles obtained from the LIDAR system as data input. More interestingly, Krakatoa now accepts hair and wool as its inputs, and you can miraculously increase the volume of hair simulated in the environment. You can easily apply your changes and ideas in this environment and enjoy its power. This environment is one of the strengths of Krakatoa. The functionality and simplicity of working with Nodes can greatly increase the speed of your settings.

Key features of Krakatoa MX plugin:
– Has two central cores including processing core and rendering core
– For the option to create huge scenes of smoke, fire, dust, suspended particles, etc.
– Has a node-based environment to apply commands and changes
– Use the full capacity of the CPU to meet the need for a special graphics
card – Transfer designs Three software: 3ds max, Maya or cinema 4D
– and …


required system

Operating Systems: Windows
Supported 3ds Max: 2015-2019

Installation Guide

1- Install the plugin.
2- According to your 3DsMax version of the Crack folder, find the appropriate contents (ie the appropriate MaxKrakatoa.dlr file) in the path C: \ Program Files \ Thinkbox \ Krakatoa MX \ 3dsMax20xx \ x64 (3dsmax20xx means the 3Ds Max software version) ) Copy and replace the existing file.
3. Open the thinkbox.lic file in Crack \ License in the Windows text editor (notepad.exe) and put your system Mac address instead of ANY and save the changes.
4. Copy the license file edited in the previous step to C: \ FlexLM.

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