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Travel Map Script For After Effect

Travel Map Aftereffect script for making maps and route + training video can design 4 routes simultaneously and show the routes with 3D cars. 3D cars have different animations that you can choose from.

  • File size: 126 MB
  • Compatible with After Effects CC 2014 and newer versions
  • Full HD quality
  • Maximum time 5 minutes
  • No need for plugins
  • Edit all sections of the built path
  • Types of 3D cars with animation
  • Video tutorial for use inside the download collection

Travel Map Script For After Effect

Travel Map - 1

Travel Map is a template and script for Adobe After Effects and it is compatible with cc2014 and all subsequent versions.
Travel Map is the ideal solution if you want to show one or more routes on a map, in fact, unlike Map Route Generator, Travel Map allows you to create up to 4 routes simultaneously!
You will thus have the possibility, for example, to show different routes to arrive to a certain point on the map, or to compare the travel times of multiple routes.

3D vehicles

In addition to the classic 2D trackers, Travel Map also includes a set of 3D animated vehicles that do not require additional plugins.
So if you want to show the route of your last trip by bike, all you have to do is to import the map, draw your route and choose the bike from the list of vehicles.
The script will take care of the rest!
Each vehicle can be freely customized, in fact you can change its color, size or add a text, logo or image.

* the addition of texts or logos can only be done on the following vehicles: Airplane, Bus, Camper, School Bus, Ship, Truck, Van.

Travel Map - 2 Travel Map - 3 Travel Map - 4

Switch Trackers

In some cases you may need to replace one vehicle with another one within the same route.
For example, if your company deals with transports, you may want to show to your customers that the shipment initially travels on a plane, but then transfers to a truck and a van is used to make it reach its final destination.
With Travel Map you can do it!
Simply by pressing the “Switch Trackers” button you will decide which vehicle to use and when to use it.

Camera Animation

The Travel Map script also takes care of everything concerning the animation of the camera.
You just have to decide which vehicles to follow, and the script will calculate the animation of the camera.
There’s only one thing that’s up to you: please use the corresponding slider to set or animate the zoom.
You can also decide whether to follow your vehicles in parallel or rotate around them.
If you prefer to animate the camera manually, no problem! Select the “Manual Camera” option and enjoy creating your own custom animation, adding new keyframes on the position and rotation of the camera.

Add pins

Travel Map - 5 You can add as many pins as you want on your routes; simply place the time indicator where you want your pin to appear and press the “Place Pin” button.
The script will place in the exact position of the vehicle both the selected pin and a text file that you can modify at your will. The color of each pin can be changed using a control panel.

Comparison with Map Route Generator

Travel Map and Map Route Generator share several options, but depending on the animation you need to realize it is important to know their similarities and differences.
Please read the most important differences between the two products before choosing the correct template for your project:

  • Map Route Generator allows you to stop the tracker for the time you decide on the selected points, Travel Map does not have this function and the trackers start from point A and arrive to point B without intermediate stops.
  • Map Route Generator allows you to create a single route, Travel Map up to 4 simultaneously.


Are you a beginner with After Effects and you’re not sure you will be able to customize this template, or do you want to see how it works before buying it?
Don’t worry, watch the video tutorial, so you can decide for yourself whether Travel Map is within your reach or not.

Travel Map - 7


  • Full HD project
  • Max animation duration: 5 minutes
  • No plugins required
  • Fully documented (video tutorials in english)
  • Expressions universalized (it works with all AE languages)
  • Compatible with AE CC2014 and above
  • Easy and fast to customize
  • Compatible with Mac and Pc


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System Requirement For adobe after effects


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