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Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020 v13.0.2 606×64

Plugin set for creating visual effects for After Effects, Premiere and Ovid

Boris FX Continuum CompleteA set of plugins for Adobe, Apple, Avid and OFX applications that includes various capabilities and tools for image correction, text extraction, captioning, 3D items, chromakeying and image stabilization, and more. Existence of various and useful filters along with professional tools is one of the capabilities of this product that you can use to create and edit creative works. For example, filters automatically detect the correct color spectrum for color spaces 709 and 601, or Broadcast Safe filter is one of the useful solutions that you will definitely need. Simply select the standard playback preset to automatically produce the final result of the full image. Editing 360 videos, on the other hand, is a time-consuming task that the VR Unit helps speed up editing with 5 new optimized 360 filters.

Key features of Boris FX Continuum Complete:
– Powerful Tracking and Masking engine of Mocha system
– New skin retouching tool to smooth and remove stains
– Create beautiful 2D and 3D text with high quality with animation
– A variety of professional filters for repair And photo reconstruction
– Multiple and professional visual effects
– New and unique transitions
– New browser to view effects before application
– Ability to enter EPS format
– Mothion Blur and Re-Timing effects
– Correct movie colors
– and …

Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020 v13.0.2 606×64

Enhancements/Fixes in 2020 (v13.0.2) for OFX:

  • Mocha – Sporadic Bfx 25 error when rendering with Mocha PixelChooser in Vegas renders
  • Mocha – Jittering in Mocha PixelChooser masks when field rendering
  • Mocha – Subtract layer property in Mocha UI not working as expected after swapping layer order.
  • Mocha – Missing OCIO config in Mocha UI
  • Time Displacement – Improved performance in Resolve
  • Time Displacement – Crash in Resolve for certain Displacement Amount (Frames) settings
  • Licensing – (Rare) – Multiple machines on some networks incorrectly identified as the same machine so licensing changes on one machine would unexpectedly affect others.
  • Primatte Studio, Chroma Key Studio, Spill Remover, Light Wrap – Improved handling of Mix With Original in Light Wrap group when a Light Wrap preview mode is enabled.
  • Particle Illusion – More consistent look and feel of UI elements across the interface
  • Particle Illusion – Project Settings/Preferences Dialog – after clicking the Project Size popup all subsequent clicks open the menu
  • Cast Shadow – Artifacts for some settings on Intel GPUs

Continuum 2020 v13.0.2 (BCC 13.0.2) for OFX was released on 12/19/2019.

Continuum 2020 v13.0.2 for OFX (OpenFX) officially supports the following host applications:

Note that Continuum OFX may work to varying degrees in other OFX hosts, but at this time it is only officially supported in Resolve, Vegas, and Nuke. Note that official Resolve support does not yet include the embedded Fusion page within Resolve. Note that the Apple App Store version of Resolve is not fully supported and direct downloads of Resolve from the Blackmagic Design site should be used instead.

macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, and 10.15 (as appropriate for the host version in use):

  • DaVinci Resolve Studio and DaVinci Resolve 11, 12, 12.5, 14.x, 15.x, 16.x  (If using Resolve 14 then 14.1 or higher is strongly recommended.)
  • Nuke 10, 11, 12

Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10 x64 (as appropriate for the host version in use):

  • DaVinci Resolve Studio and DaVinci Resolve 11, 12, 12.5, 14.x, 15.x, 16.x  (If using Resolve 14 then 14.1 or higher is strongly recommended.)
  • Vegas 13 (Sony)
  • Vegas 14, 15, 16, 17 (Magix)
  • Nuke 10, 11, 12

Additional Host Version Requirements:

Note that due to variation from one OFX host to another, some features or effects may not be available in all OFX hosts.  Furthermore, some Continuum features have additional host version requirements:

  • In order to access dynamic host frames in previews inside custom UI panes such as Mocha, Particle Illusion, Title Studio, and the FX Browser in Resolve you must use the paid Studio version of Resolve and you must use Resolve Studio 12.5 or higher. Similarly BCC Optical Stabilizer requires the paid Studio version of Resolve.

Continuum 2020 v13.0.2 for OFX – Compatibility Notes:

While in general your previously saved projects should render identically in the newer version, bug fixes and quality improvements can sometimes change the look of older projects. While every effort is made to ensure project compatibility, the following notable areas may see some change to the look of previously saved projects.

  • Particle Illusion now renders particles with correct half-frame timing in interlaced projects which will produce slightly different particle locations on field 2 when field rendering.
  • Particle Illusion randomization fixes to some settings will cause the particles to render with different random patterns than before, although the overall look and feel will remain the same.

Continuum 2020 for OFX 13.0.2 – Known Issues and Limitations:

  • mocha PixelChooser – mocha track data is not saved with presets.  To clone mocha tracking data from one effect instance or machine or host to another, you can use the File->Export Project and File->Merge Project options from within the mocha UI or you can copy/paste track data from the clipboard when moving from one mocha UI instance to another. [CO-4250]
  • Custom UI views such as the Title Studio UI, FX Browser, License Dialog, or Preferences Dialog don’t fully adapt to High-DPI displays on windows which can cause some fonts to render too small and be difficult to read. [CO-3269]
  • Title Studio – Snap to guide – snapping is offset by 2 pixels. [CO-5071]
  • Particle Illusion – custom GUI scroll bars do not react to Wacom tablet clicks. [CO-5788]
  • Moving Mocha from one monitor to another and relaunching it can cause UI refresh problems with mixed monitor resolutions [CO-5829]
  • Title Studio and other custom UI elements sometimes draw incorrectly in Nuke on Mac with high-DPI displays [CO-7051]
  • Title Studio UI displays blank Comp window on Catalina in standalone and in some hosts [CO-7049]
Meeting tight turnarounds just got easier. The post-production industry’s most complete plugin collection delivers nearly 350 creative effects in 20 categories, 4000+ presets, built-in Academy Award-winning Mocha planar tracking and masking, a Beat Reactor that drives VFX to music, and the FX Browser. Busy editors and artists rely on Continuum to get the job done.


Continuum 2021.5 – New BCC+ Filters

  • New! 9 cinematic effects: BCC+Multi-Star, BCC+Vignette, BCC+FilmGrunge, BCC+TwoStrip, BCC+Flashing, BCC+Composite, BCC+F-Stop, BCC+Fluorescent, and BCC+Haze
  • New! 200+ drag and drop presets designed by the pros
  • New! Avid infrastructure controls added to all BCC+ filters: Apply to Title Matte Option, Safe Levels Option, and True Bypass Switch.

Continuum – Particle Illusion Features

  • New! Node View: Select any particle node in the tree and corresponding parameters instantly display in the control panel
  • New! 3D Emitter Shapes, Forces, Deflectors, and Emission: From flat 2D to true 3D
  • New! Improved Integration with After Effects: Emitters can trace AE native live text and mask layers and emitters can attach to host native lights and 3D layers


Analog filmmaking meets digital video

The Cinematographer’s Toolkit gives artists access to 80 new effects, 3 new Continuum Units, and 1000+ new presets that pay homage to the bygone era of shooting on film. The built-in FX Editor makes it simple to browse the presets and create your own custom presets directly inside the interface. Recreate classic Hollywood looks in just one click.

Each new effect is GPU-accelerated, HDR compliant, and includes OCIO color management support.

Film Stocks

Quickly transform digital video into beloved analog looks.

BCC+FilmStocks features nearly 300 customizable presets organized by color, black & white, photographic films, and motion picture film stocks including Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Fuji, Agfa, and Polaroid. Easily adjust a film’s most important elements: black & white, film response, color correct, color filters, sharpen, diffusion, vignette, and grain.

Look Development

Easily establish a signature look for your film or episodic.

BCC+Grade includes 85+ color grading presets from Academy Award-nominated films including 2001: A Space Odyssey, Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Frankenstein, Gone with the Wind, and Titanic.

Create your own custom look using a visual Color Wheels interface or manipulate hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, gamma, cyan/magenta, RGB values, mid-tones, highlights, and shadows. Included in the Continuum Color & Tone Unit.

BCC+Looks lets you create virtually any look with 65+ stylized color and black & white looks or tweak color correct, diffusion, color gradient, gels, lab, and grain modules.

Optical Filter Simulations

Get the look of glass camera filters without the hassle.

Dial in the exact look your cinematographer wants with digital optical filter simulations that you can change at any time. Darken a sky with a polarizing filter, reduce wrinkles with diffusion filters, add stars to specular highlights with multi-star filters, saturate colors with enhancing filters, and add a pop of color with color-graduated filters.

BCC+Optical Diffusion filters include Double Fog, Fog, Frost, Halo, Mist, Net, Rack Focus, and Silk.


No more waiting for light setups! Add natural and realistic effects fast.

Create a stylized atmosphere with gobos, enhance a scene with realistic lens flares that can be customized with the new Flare Editor, add drama with volumetric light rays and glows, or choose a gel from the Kodak® Wratten set.

BCC+Light includes BCC+Glow, BCC+Glow Darks, BCC+Glow Edges, BCC+Photographic, BCC+Color Gradient, BCC+Radial Tint, BCC+Sunset, and many more.


The production team forgot to add a gobo to the lights during the shoot. Now what? Apply gobo effects in post complete with realistic shadowing!

Browse the factory installed digital gobo library featuring 750+ gobo options sorted into seven distinct categories: Abstract, Doors, Elements, Foliage, Snowflakes, Textures, and Windows.

You can also import your own gobo images into the BCC+Lights FX Editor and create your own custom gobo library for use in any project.

Lens Flares

Add subtle realism to a shot or go for a certain director’s signature lens flare style.

Choose from 300+ factory installed presets, all of which are completely editable, or create your own unique custom lens flare from scratch using the new Flare Editor directly from within the BCC+Lens Flare FX Editor. With the FX Editor, you can save customized presets into the Custom preset category and use the favorites starring feature to instantly retrieve your favorite looks.

Lens flares are broken into Anamorphic, Circular, Polygons, Star, Starburst, and Stylized categories.

Light Rays & Glows

Create a sense of drama or dreamy atmosphere.

The lighting effect filters in this update are all hardware accelerated, easy to use and come with dozens of preset looks. Whether your shot calls for a subtle glow or some in your face volumetric rays, this new set of filters generates sublime results.

Featuring 6 new realistic glow effects and stunning volumetric lighting effects. Each effect is fully customizable.


Set the mood with color. Choose from 200+ lighting gels and 95 photographic filters to colorize footage using the same names known to cinematographers.

Warm up a shot with a 22 Deep Orange or 23A Light red glass filter emulator and use the integrated graduated filter to isolate the effect to the foreground or background. Or select the L725 Old Steel Blue gel to cool the image and use the integrated ND filter to control light exposure in the filtered shot.

The BCC+Photographic filter is the digital equivalent of the Kodak® Wratten.



Particle Illusion 2021 — Now in 3D!

Particle Illusion’s popular GPU-based particle effects creator gives users more options than ever before. Convert emitters to 3D with a single click using the built-in camera or After Effects host camera. Add more complexity and organic movement to particles with the new Turbulence features or try the new Line option to connect particles for slick modern mograph looks. Plus, Deflector enhancements, UI tweaks, and a new library of 20+ new gorgeous emitter presets round out the major update.

New in Particle Illusion 2021

  • New! 3D Particles
  • New! 3D cameras and views
  • New! Lines
  • New! Turbulence
  • New! Deflector improvements
  • New! Emitter Presets: Stunning drag and drop presets added to the included Emitter Library

Plus all of the advantages of using Particle Illusion as a plugin, like Mocha integration, applying directly to footage, Beat Reactor for control of particles via audio, and integrated Glow.

Learn More


Edge Cleaner

Continuum’s powerful chroma keying tools featuring Academy Award-nominated Primatte technology just got better.

The new Edge Cleaner effect gives users spatial and temporal control over keyed edges. Easily tackle compressed green screen footage that displays jittering edges around areas with fine detail such as hair. Edge Cleaner is available as an individual effect within the Continuum Key & Blend Unit and is also built-into Primatte Studio.


New Improvements

Maxon C4D 3D model integration with Title Studio continues it’s road of improvement and now includes more shaders and materials than ever before. The C4D 3D model support and rendering in Title Studio has been independently reviewed as having the best and most accurate render results of any 3D model plug-in for NLE and compositing systems.

New Texture Composite and Procedural Noise Shaders

With the new Texture Composite shader, you can texturize 3D objects with procedural generators, gradients, images or even video clips from the filtered host timeline.

Use the new Procedural Noise shader, which includes over a dozen texture types, to generate custom materials, which can be applied to any 3D element in Title Studio. These custom textures can be saved as new material assets in your title studio custom library for easy and quick retrieval in any Title Studio project.

New C4D 3D Models

We’ve added 15 brand new professionally generated 3D models that were created using Cinema 4D and developed specifically for this version update of Title Studio. Included in this new batch are spherical elements and a series of backdrops, some with curved arc surfaces, some with a lo-poly terrain surface distortions.

The new C4D 3D models can be downloaded here.


Stunning Results in Seconds

Built-into every one of the 80 new HDR compliant BCC+ filters that have been added to Continuum 2021 is the new FX Editor. This brand new preset editor provides a visual way to interact with the 4000+ factory installed and custom generated presets and includes an interactive color curves editor, interactive 3-way color wheels, a visual histogram, a snapshot compare mode with split and side-by-side views and OCIO color LUT options.



Broadcast-ready titles as easy as 1-2-3

Create professional 2D/3Dtitles and lower thirds with the highest-quality support for Cinema 4D model imports. Includes options for extruding text and logos (.EPS), deforms, and shatter.



From classics to comics

Transform footage into a work of art. From painterly watercolor to pop art comics and graphic novels to read-all-about-it newsprint and more.



Bring the focus in

Draw your audience’s attention exactly where you want it to be with depth, rack focus, lens blurs, and more.



Set the mood with color

The right color palette instantly transports viewers into a story’s world. Top tools for color correction, color matching, hue-saturation, 3-way color grade, brightness-contrast, and more.



A love letter to Hollywood’s golden era

Recreate beloved film looks from every decade. Mimic Kodak film stock, add film damage, film glows & film process, and Technicolor glamor with two-strip color.



Set the mood with color.

Set the mood with color. Choose from 200+ lighting gels and 95 photographic filters to colorize footage using the same names known to cinematographers.



The must-have “fix it in post” toolset

Not all heroes wear capes. Quickly fix flicker, remove damaged pixels, smooth skin & remove blemishes, sharpen blurry footage, reframe vertical footage, and more.



Seamless composites made easy

Instantly clean-up green screen & composite with Academy Award-nominated Primatte technology and integrated Mocha tracking and masking.



Emulate in-camera lens effects

Add chromatic aberration and color fringing, add or remove wide angle distortions or bring a hand-held look to the filtered source.



A light option to fit any scene

Add subtle or over the top stage lights to performances, stylized light leaks, and moody rays. Includes built-in 3D camera system.



Quick image and screen replacement

Tasked with tons of screen/sign inserts and blurring out of faces, people, and logos? Corner Pin Studio and Witness Protection are here to help.



Get the look of glass camera filters without the hassle

Dial in the exact look your cinematographer wants with digital optical filter simulations that you can change at any time.



Slick real-time particles & mograph

Add real-time particles and mograph animations in minutes. Pick from 1000s of professionally-designed presets or easily customize.



Add 3D perspective to 2D images

Make like Ken Burns on your next documentary, reality TV series or news segment. Includes the renowned 3D Pan and Zoom effect.



From glitch to damaged TV

Add gritty street style or retro vibes to titles and footage in seconds. Perfect for the high-energy world of commercial and promo work.



Generate organic photorealistic backgrounds

Build backgrounds, caustics, and surfaces including brick, granite, steel plates, wood grain, and cloth.



Speed up, slow down & reverse clips

Add temporal blur to action-packed sequences, time loops to your next sci-fi project, jitter to recreate a handheld look, and more.



Cut. Drag and drop. Repeat

Includes 50+ slick drag & drop transitions with over 500 presets. Easily customize with on-screen animation options.



360 editing and finishing tasks handled

Speed up 360 post workflows while staying inside your host timeline. Includes VR Reorient, VR Insert, VR Blur, VR Sharpen, and VR Flicker Fixer.



Distort and morph footage fast

Easily create underwater distortion, heat haze, trippy psychedelic looks, fun-house effects, video morphs, and more.





Product:Continuum 2021.5
OS Requirements:Mac OSX: 10.14 or higherWindows: Windows 8 and 10
Hardware:Recommended Hardware:Processor: Intel or AMD CPU with four or more cores

Memory: 8 GB or more

Disk: High-speed disk array or SSD storage

Graphics Card:

Most modern graphics cards from ATI, Nvidia and Intel are supported.

Licensing options:Node-locked, Subscription or floating license.For floating and render license options, please contact us.
Supported Host Applications:ADOBE :After Effects and Premiere Pro


Media Composer


Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve
Vegas Pro
Foundry Nuke


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Particle Illusion and VEGAS Pro: Effect Isolation with Mocha Masking

Particle Illusion and VEGAS Pro: GOT-Inspired Flaming Effect

Spicing up your Premiere Pro Timeline with Particle Illusion

Webinar Replay: Particle Illusion for Colorists

360 Video Post Tutorial: Boris FX and Vuze XR

Intro to Particle Illusion for Adobe After Effects, Part I

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