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RE-Vision FX Effections Plus

RevisionFX Effections Plus v21.0 After Effects plugins for better and faster editing and correction of footage and videos in After Effects 

  • File size: 68.1 MB


  1. DE: Flicker v2.0.0 Fix FPS rate problems and Laps team footage
  2. DE: Noise v3.3.0 Reduce and eliminate noise and annoying movie sounds
  3. FieldsKit v3.6.0 for better and smarter Deinterlacing
  4. PV Feather v1.8.1
  5. RE: Fill v2.4.0 to repair images intelligently
  6. RE: Flex v5.4.0 to create visual morphs
  7. RE: Grade v1.1.0
  8. RE: Lens v2.2.0 to remove image distortion and video correction
  9. RE: Map v3.2.1 For mapping with the Distortion tool
  10. RE: Match v2.4.0 for auto-matching colors and textures
  11. ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro v6.2.1 to build realistic Motion Blur
  12. Shade / Shape v4.3.1 to automatically convert 2D images to 3D art images
  13. SmoothKit v3.5.2 to create professional blur effects on videos
  14. Twixtor Pro v7.3.1 Change the speed of frames and create slow scenes
  15. Video Gogh v3.9.1 Convert videos and photos to paintings by famous artists

This set is active after installation and does not need to be cracked. Compatible with AE CS6 and Premiere CS6 and newer versions


RE-Vision FX Effections Plus




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System Requirement For adobe after effects


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